When you step out for the experience of adventure on your mountain bike, you certainly don’t want to be stuck on the road in case of a bike failure. Believe it or not, mechanical failures in bicycles are common and can happen to just about anyone. But you can ensure that you are not encumbered by this fault by learning how to make quick roadside repairs by yourself. Take a read at these handy tips from our experts on how to carry out a trailside fix of your bicycle with ease:

1. Keep a selection of assorted bolts handy in your toolkit when heading out on a ride on your mountain cycle. These are great solutions for repairing any pieces which have fallen off when you are riding over the tough roads. Having bolts in different sizes will let you find the right one easily when you need to fix any parts which might have become loose on the ride.

2. Make sure you also include cable ties and professional tape along with you on your ride.

These are very useful in case you have any loose wires or cables hanging around and getting in the way of riding easily. These can also be easily carried in your backpack in long lengths which you can use as and when you want.

3. Punctures are a common occurrence on the trail when you are riding a mountain cycle or any other cycle. While an air pump will be needed, another great hack is to keep tyre plugs with you. These can be great help in giving you a quick fix on the trail until you have time to pull out the full repair, for which latter you will need a portable puncture kit. Tyre plugs of different sizes can be a good temporary fix when your tyre faces a puncture from thorns or stones on the trail.

4. Another common problem which can occur on the trail is a broken chain. For this, it is always great to carry along spare chain links in the toolkit. Also make sure you practice how to fix these on before you set out on the ride so that you can repair the bike easily when riding out.

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