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Bringing innovation on the streets of the nation in the form of Kross bicycles, Hero Eco-tech is providing an absolute two-wheeled luxury experience for the modern Indian society. The spectacular reputation and goodwill of KROSS within a short span is a saga which speaks only of outstanding quality. Meeting the demand for European quality products in the domestic market, Kross road bikes have set up a new benchmark on the industrial front.

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Mountain Bikes MTB

When it comes to dominating the rough mountain terrains, what you need the most is the best mountain bicycle featuring superior specifications, including a robust frame,...Read more

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If you love hitting the road for a long bike ride, choosing the right road bike is a significant decision for you. Comfort, performance, and durability are among the things...Read more

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Ladies Bikes

Comfort, style, and design are among the most important considerations when choosing a bicycle for ladies. Kross offers the best ladies' bicycles in India designed to...Read more

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The template for choosing one of the best kids' bikes is very much the same whether this bike you are choosing is for a 5-year-old or for older kids looking to have more...Read more


“Kross has a wide range of affordable & quality bicycles for all age groups. it is the best value for money bicycle providing complete comfort & durability"

Gaurav Sachdeva

"My adventurous side is enhanced with Kross’s best mountain bikes in India. It helps me explore places securely with its smooth ride and robust design."

Annie Sharma

“The Kross Ecobike 26T SS is equipped with 26 inch MTB tires at both front and back. These tires are heavily treaded which gives great traction on both wet and dry conditions.”

Vishnu Sharma

“Kross has got its aesthetics spot on! Some of the most stylish bikes spotted on the streets of India belong to Kross.”

Anmol Ratan



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Women and cycling are not words often associated together.


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