More and more women across India are taking up cycling more seriously. Of late, women have ventured beyond the neighbourhood to take on long tours to destinations nearby and even far off. If you are an avid cyclist riding a ladies bicycle, then we have curated a list of popular destinations you can explore across India on your rides to enjoy the scenic views and also build on your cycling skills:

1. Nubra valley in Ladakh: If you are looking for adventure, then the Nubra valley in Ladakh is just where you need to go on your ladies bicycle in India. The entire place is well connected by good roads with steep inclines and descents which make the ride challenging yet meaningful. It is also a good trip to take if you are keen on exploring Ladakh and want to combine a vacation with a bike trip.

2. Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon: For a city riding experience that has all the feels of nature, head to the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon on the best bicycle for girl in India. The Park has a dedicated cycling track with cobbled pathways where you can ride for as long as you want and also stop to take a look at the variety of flora and fauna in the vicinity, all in the backdrop of the scenic Aravali hills.

3. Goa: People head to Goa for a vacation at the drop of a hat so why not combine the trip with some cycling? You can take your own bicycles or hire the best ladies bicycle in India at Goa and explore the beautiful state through its well-laid out network of roads that make plenty of way for cyclists who are keen on riding their way through the scenic spots to make their way to the beaches.

4. Coorg in Karnataka: Along the spice trail and with winding trails, Coorg in Karnataka has become a popular destination for cyclists
which you can explore. A weekend long trip or a longer one are ideal to explore the beauty of this region which is abundant in lush natural beauty.

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