The reliable and versatile road bicycle has become the choice of many a cyclist for riding their way around the city. From exploring the city on weekends to commuting to work on the weekdays, road cycling has become the way most people get some cardio into their day. But while riding a road cycle is about fun and fitness, it is also about riding with safety, of your own as well as that of others. Whether you are commuting or riding for leisure, a good ride is one where you are safe as are others on the road. If you are a road cyclist, then here are some precautions you must keep in mind:

1. Make sure that when you ride your road bicycle, you follow the road safety rules. Across the world, the road safety rules for cyclists are the same as they are for motorists on motorbikes and automobiles.

2. If you are riding your road bike as part of a group, make sure you ride in a single file if you are riding on roads with heavy traffic. Roads which may be free of vehicular traffic in the morning or at the time you intend to ride may get vehicles incoming if the trail is not closed for vehicular traffic.

3. If you are planning to tour on your road bicycle, then make sure you map out the route beforehand. Avoid using private trails or those which are restricted unless you have prior permission. Where you need to get tickets to use the trail, do so and respect private property.

4. Be wary of animal crossings. There are several cycling trails in India which run through animal crossings and it is important for the safety of the animals as well as of the cyclists that you follow the stops where mandated. Even if you are riding the best road bikes, be careful of the crossings and respect them.

5. Intersections can be tricky for road cyclists, particularly when there are other commuters on the road. Make sure you follow all the proper hand signals and indications before you make a turn. Also, avoid overtaking vehicles as trying to outride them can be dangerous.

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