When it comes to determining the best activity for young children, one activity which has always been popular is cycling. Children of all ages enjoy riding their cycles. For children to get the most out of their bicycle rides, it is important that they have the right size of bike. Any bike which is too small or too large for the child can be damaging to their development and can even be hazardous. If you are a parent who is buying their child a new bicycle, here are some tips on how to choose the right one:

1. First, find out your child’s preference. What you consider the best kids bikes may not be the choice of your child and it is important that for your child to enjoy cycling, you get them the best bike which they like. If they want a bicycle in a specific colour or with a backrest, begin your search accordingly.

2. The next step to buying the best cycle for kids is to choose a bike of the right size. Wheel sizes for kids’ cycles come in 12” to 24” options. Each of these wheel sizes corresponds to the height of the child and you can measure the inseam of the child to gauge the correct size. The inseam corresponding to different wheel sizes for kids’ bikes are as follows: 12” wheel for 14-17” inseam’ 14” wheel for 16-20” inseam; 16” wheel for 18-22” inseam; 20” wheel for 22-25” inseam; 24” wheel for 24”-28” inseam. Remember, the inseam length and not the age of the child are important to determine the correct fit of the bike.

3. When selecting a bicycle for your child from the range of best kids bicycle in India, also look into the safety features of the cycle. This will typically imply the build of the bicycle which must include a durable and sturdy frame which can stand the weight of the child. The other parts of the cycle, including the handlebar, the saddle post, the chainguard, the wheels – must be securely fixed onto the bike and must not fall apart.

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