If you are planning to get a new bicycle and don’t want to miss out on the adventure of mountain biking or the cruising experience of road cycling, then a hybrid bicycle may just be the right one for you. This versatile and multipurpose bicycle type combines the features of an MTB, a road cycle, and a touring bike to give the cyclists the advantage of riding on different terrain. When buying a hybrid bicycle, keep in mind these criteria to make the best choice:

1. The most important aspect to consider when buying a hybrid bike is the frame. The frame on your bike must be sturdy and must be easy enough for you to manoeuvre and how much weight you can handle will determine the frame material you choose. Aluminium is light and strong while also being affordable and ideal for new riders. Steel is heavier but also much more durable, offering a comfortable and smooth riding experience. A middle ground is the carbon fibre frame which is lightweight yet strong enough but quite expensive and often used only for high end hybrid bikes.

2. When it comes to hybrid bikes, because one must make allowance for riding on paved roads as well as on dirt tracks, there is a great number of gear options ranging from the most basic 1 gear to as many as 27 gears. However, make sure that the choice of gears is in line with your riding preference and your fitness level. If you ride a lot on hilly terrain and focus on uphill climbing, look for a bike with more gears. For riding on flat surfaces, you can get away with fewer gears.

3. While choosing the best hybrid bicycle in India, also choose the wheel size for smooth riding. The right wheel size for a hybrid bike is 700c, a standard size offered by almost all bike makers in the country. Some bikes also come with the smaller 26 inch wheel which is focused on greater comfort.

4. When it comes to choosing a hybrid bike, one can opt for no suspension and front suspension options. Most bikes come with no suspension to ensure a lighter load and better riding. If you are riding on tougher terrain with more obstacles and uneven surfaces, opt for a bike with a front suspension which will absorb most of the shocks.

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